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In a world of SUVs, there are many choices to suit various lifestyles and needs. In their infancy, they catered more toward the true outdoorsy person who emphasized the "sport" part of the acronym as they packed up their camping gear or hooked up the boat or trailer. But since then, SUVs have become a sizable segment of the US auto market, and automakers have responded by making them an equal mix of utility and luxury. This equation is especially true for Buick SUVs, which provide bold designs, unmatched luxury, and an aura of sophistication unequaled in competing brands.

Ranging from room for 5 to 7 people, Buick SUVs are well known to buyers who are seeking reliability, comfort, and luxury options as well as advanced safety features to keep both you and your passengers out of danger. Built upon a solid design and engineering foundation from one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the country, Buick's SUVs offer plenty of options for drivers who are looking for utility without the bulk all the way up to vehicles that can haul a whole family and all of their gear.

A blue Buick Enclave Avenir, a popular option among Buick SUVs, is parked in front of white garage at an Atlanta, GA, home.

The Buick brand

Buick has been a trusted brand for generations with a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. It is one of the oldest automotive brands in the world and the oldest in America. Positioned in between the mainstream and more high-end luxury brands, drivers can expect Buick models to be upscale and well-refined, with exceptional craftsmanship inside and out. This not only applies to their sedans but to their complete selection of SUVs as well.


Founded by David Dunbar Buick in 1899 as the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company, Buick has been around nearly as long as there have been automobiles on the road. Right from the beginning, the company has been ahead of the pack for innovation in automotive design and technology, having received a patent in 1903 for the world's first production overhead internal combustion. Other achievements included manufacturing the first closed-body car in 1911 while also establishing the forerunner to today's manual transmission across its lineup. By the late 1930s, Buicks became so popular that even King Edward VIII of the British royal family was driving one.


In all the years that Buick has been making automobiles, styles have changed drastically, but Buick vehicles still have some lasting design features from their early days, which still carry over to the modern era. For example, the iconic Buick tri-shield logo is based on original founder David Dunbar's ancestral coat of arms, and the wide taillights have been a design trademark since the 1960s. In addition, a long curved trim line that runs almost the entire length of the vehicle, known as the sweep spear, was first introduced in 1949. No matter how one looks at a Buick, there's no mistaking its unique and sophisticated style.

2020 Buick Models

2020 Encore

A smiling woman is walking to her black 2020 Buick Encore that's parked in front of a glass building near Atlanta, GA.

The smallest entry into Buick's extended list of crossovers and Buick SUVs is the Encore. The Encore provides the handling of a sedan with the safety of an SUV. This five-seat crossover provides several improvements over a smaller sedan, including cargo space of 48.4 cubic feet and a stylish, comfortable ride. It also has a low MSRP starting at $23,200 with fuel economy at 25 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. When plenty of trim options to choose from, this might be the smallest of the SUVs available through Buick, but there are enough options to fully make it your own. Plus, with two upgraded trim packages coming later in the spring, you'll see there is, even more, to love with the Buick Encore than ever before.

2020 Regal TourX

The Regal TourX is part SUV part station wagon. It has a longer body with additional storage in the rear to help maximize your cargo space. In fact, at 73.5 cubic feet of cargo space, the Regal TourX has more available cargo space than most other crossover SUVs. This is the vehicle to go with if you want the full storage capacity of a larger SUV, but you like to sit lower to the ground and have a profile that is similar to that of a traditional sedan. It's truly the best of both worlds. It also comes in all-wheel drive to improve your handling on dirt and slick roads, all while still giving you a solid 29 mpg on the highway. Add in a number of the trim options, and this vehicle is designed to be the perfect family travel crossover. When you can't decide between a car or an SUV, this is the exact vehicle you need to test drive and call your own.

2020 Envision

If you want something that has a bit more size than the Encore but like the look of the crossover, the 2020 Envision may just be the perfect SUV for you. This 5-seat crossover has a max cargo space of 57.3 cubic feet and offers a bit more leg and headroom for passengers than the smaller Encore. And despite the increased size, this SUV is still able to help save you money at the pump with 29 miles per gallon on the highway. As the perfect bridge between the crossover SUVs and into the world of full-size SUVs, Envision has several trim packages, allowing you to find the design best suited for your needs.


A grey 2020 Buick Envision, popular among the 2020 Buick SUVs, is parked next to trees with a city sky line in the distance.

2020 Enclave

When you want an SUV for the entire family, and you don't want to compromise, the 2020 Enclave is the SUV to consider. With the ability to seat up to 7 passengers while towing up to 5,000 pounds, this SUV is built to handle everything you might throw at it (and more). And despite the larger design, it is still able to hit 26 miles per gallon on the highway. With the standard 3.6L V6 engine that produces 310 horsepower, you'll have the kind of power you need to navigate traffic, all while remaining museum-quiet on the interior, all thanks to the QuietTuning Technology. With several design features you won't find on other Buicks, this larger SUV is the king of Buick luxury and the ultimate SUV when you want style and sophistication in your daily drive.

The 2020 Avenir Line

If you like the Enclave but would like to add some additional touches of sophistication and elegance, the Enclave Avenir package allows you to do just that. With the Avenir edition, your Enclave receives all the upgrades of top-level trims, plus an exclusive grille, 20-inch aluminum wheels featuring a pearl nickel finish, not to mention three rows of some of the most beautifully appointed leather seats you've ever seen. You have the choice between chestnut or ebony interiors. These added luxury touches help take your beautiful ride to another level. Plus, small features like wireless smartphone charging, upgraded suspension for a smoother ride, and industry-leading safety features to give you the best ride possible. It takes the luxury you expect from a Buick and amplifies it in every way.


2020 Encore GX/ST

A blue 2020 Buick Encore GX is shown from the side in front an orange and white building.

In the spring of 2020, you will be introduced to the first-ever Encore GX/ST. This takes the look of the current Encore and gives it a far more aggressive trim design. It will be available in both an Encore GX and an Encore GX with Sport Touring Package later in 2020.


Each of the two GX and Sport Touring Package designs come with something special for individual drivers. The Encore GX is designed for go-getters and tech lovers. It has a hands-free power liftgate, allowing you to access the rear of your vehicle without fumbling with keys. The premium lighting improves visibility, and yet during the day, the lights look almost chrome, giving you an added touch of elegance. Then, when the sun goes down, the lights will come up as if the lighting was hidden in plain sight.


The GX with Sport Touring Package will likely become the boldest looking vehicle in the Buick lineup. It uses a two-tone color design on the grille, which gives it an aggressive, yet stylish look to it (with the undersides of the grille painted red and the front of the grille painted black, there is a unique styling here that isn't found on any other Buick vehicle).


On the Sport Touring Package, the SUV comes standard with roof rails, so you can easily attach anything from bicycles to a kayak. While walking around the SUV, you'll also find there are sleek, streamlined elements to the doors and body. This is designed to help improve the airflow around the vehicle, giving you a smoother ride. The SUV will also come with a number of features, including wireless charging, an available head-up display, so you can see important information projected in front of you on your windshield. There is also an available rear camera mirror, which allows you to see a less obstructed field of view behind you while driving. All of this comes together with the Buick Infotainment System.


When you're someone who loves the great outdoors and is looking for an SUV that can handle your gear (and in many ways is built specifically for your gear), the GX with the Sport Touring Package is the SUV for you.

Buick Tech Features

Modern vehicles require modern technology, and Buick is leading the way. Buick SUVs and cars are equipped with state of the art infotainment and connectivity features that allow you to discover a new level of driving comfort. Inside your Buick, you will find compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to integrate your phone seamlessly with your vehicle’s infotainment system to conduct phone calls, receive text messages, play music, navigate, and more. For additional entertainment, Buick offers SiriusXM satellite radio with over 150 channels of music, sports, news, and more delivered straight to your vehicle no matter where you are. The newest Buick models even offer Amazon’s Alexa, allowing you to control your vehicle’s infotainment system or even shop while driving through natural voice commands. You can even use Alexa to have packages delivered straight to the trunk of your vehicle.

However, not all of the tech features in Buick SUVs and cars are merely for entertainment and quality of life. Available Buick OnStar means that you are always in safe hands. If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, then with OnStar Roadside Assistance help just a button push away. And should you be in a greater crisis than a flat tire or an empty fuel tank, than OnStar Emergency Services gives you a priority connection to receive immediate police or medical assistance. And if you are in a crash and cannot call for help yourself, then sensors built into your Buick will detect the emergency and notify an OnStar Advisor of your situation.

If you want even more technology and connectivity for your Buick, then sign up for one of the Buick Connected Services plans. The first of these, Buick Connected Access, is entirely free for the first ten years and gives you three key features to improve your driving experience. Real-time Diagnostic alerts and monthly Vehicle Diagnostics report emails keep you up to date on how your Buick is functioning and can alert your dealer when routine maintenance is needed. Buick Smart Driver monitors your driving and provides you with tips to improve; if you do well, it can also find you discounts on auto insurance. Finally, Buick Marketplace offers a host of discounts on gas, hotels, restaurants, and more to make your road trips more convenient.

The second Buick Connected Services plan, Buick Remote Access, costs $14.99 a month and allows you to connect your Buick to your phone through the myBuick app. This includes using your phone as a key fob to unlock your vehicle or even start it remotely if it is equipped with a remote start system. You can also monitor your Buick’s location, fuel, oil, odometer, and even tire pressure remotely or send navigation waypoints from your phone to your vehicle. The third plan is Unlimited Access for $39.99 a month. As the name implies, this plan gives you unlimited 4G LTE data through your Buick’s wireless hotspot. It also gives you in-vehicle access to a wide array of apps such as Pandora, Wall Street Journal, and Fox Sports. And last but not least, Connected Navigation updates your Buick’s navigation system with real-time traffic information while Turn By Turn Navigation gives you directions to any destination with the simple push of a button.

The black and tan dashboard of a 2020 Buick Encore GX is shown.

Visit the Wonders of Atlanta

If you are looking to experience Atlanta after visiting our dealership to check out our Buick SUVs or other vehicles, then here are some of our favorite locations. The Delta Flight Museum tells the history of commercial air travel and America’s oldest operating airline. Wander through an old Delta hangar at the Atlanta airport and view historic aircraft such as the only remaining Waco 125 biplane, a fully-restored 1940 Douglas DC-3 airliner, and the first 747-400 ever built.
Also, at the Atlanta airport, you will find the Atlanta Porsche Experience Center. While we believe the Buick Regal is the perfect car, any car aficionado will enjoy this collection of high-performance vehicles from every era. While you can take a self-guided tour through the Heritage Gallery, if you plan ahead, you can also book a 90 minute guided tour of the facility. And if you pony up for the VIP experience, then you will even be taken on a demonstration lap around their 1.6-mile development track by one of their professional drivers.
Another fun way to spend time in Atlanta is to visit the World of Coca-Cola. Learn the history of America’s favorite soft drink through a variety of interactive exhibits, taste over 100 Coca-Cola beverages including international flavors unavailable in America, and even view the Vault of the Secret Formula where the recipe to Coca-Cola is secured.
Finally, there is the ever-popular Georgia Aquarium. With over 10 million gallons of water and 700 species of fish and aquatic animals, it is the largest aquarium in America. Some of their most notable species include whale sharks, beluga whales, manta rays, bottlenose dolphins, and California sea lions. And of course, after you have visited these locations or any of Atlanta’s countless other memorable attractions, you will also find all kinds of bars and restaurants that cater to every taste.

How to Get to Rick Hendrick Buick GMC Duluth

Rick Hendrick Buick GMC Duluth is conveniently located just 5 minutes off I-85 Exit 104 some 30 minutes northeast of downtown Atlanta. No matter which direction you are coming from, there is a major highway that will make your trip quick and easy.If you are coming from the north near Chattanooga, take I-75 southbound until you get to the Atlanta area. Then take Exit 259 on to I-285 eastbound. Stay on I-128 for about 10 minutes before taking Exit 33B on to I-85 northbound. After you are on I-85, another 10 minutes will take you to Exit 104. After leaving I-85, follow Pleasant Hill Rd for .2 miles and turn right on to Venture Parkway, in a half-mile, turn right onto Ring Rd, then take another right turn onto Commerce Avenue, and look for our dealership on your left.

To reach us from the south around the Macon area, get on I-75 northbound. South of Atlanta merge onto I-675 at Exit 227. About 10 minutes later, when I-675 splits, take the right lanes on to I-285 eastbound. Follow I-285 for around 15 minutes until you reach Exit 33 on to I-85 northbound. Follow I-85 for 10 minutes to Exit 104 and then take Pleasant Hill Rd, in .2 miles turn right onto Venture Parkway. Follow Venture Parkway onto Ring Rd, and then turn right onto Commerce Avenue, and our dealership will be waiting for you on your left.

If you are traveling to us from the east and the Anderson area, then you will have a straight shot along I-85 southbound until you reach Exit 107. Driving time all the way from the South Carolina border is around 1 hour. Once you have exited I-85, merge onto Boggs Rd NW to Satellite Blvd. Take another left onto Commerce Blvd turn left, and you will soon see our dealership on your left.

Heading to us from the west and the Birmingham, Alabama area, get on I-20 eastbound. Once you are in Atlanta, take Exit 57 on to I-75 / I-85 northbound. Less than 5 minutes later, these two highways will split, and you will stay left on I-85. From there, you are roughly 20 minutes to Exit 104 and Pleasant Hill Rd. Follow this to Venture Parkway and then onto Ring Rd. Turn right onto Commerce Avenue, and our dealership will soon appear on your left.

Hendrick Vehicle Disclaimer:
$849.00 Dealer Administrative Charge included in advertised price. Advertised prices EXCLUDE options added by the dealer and displayed on the vehicle’s window sticker addendum. Please contact dealer for additional details. All prices exclude all taxes, tag, title, registration fees and government fees. Out of state buyers are responsible for all taxes and government fees and title/registration fees in the state where the vehicle will be registered. All prices include all manufacturer to dealer incentives, which the dealer retains unless otherwise specifically provided. Dealer not responsible for errors and omissions; all offers subject to change without notice; please confirm listings with dealer. All vehicles may not be physically located at this dealership but may be available for delivery through this location. Transportation charges may apply. Please contact the dealership for more specific information. All vehicles are subject to prior sale.

All vehicles may not be physically located at this dealership but may be available for delivery through this location. Transportation charges may apply. Please contact the dealership for more specific information. All vehicles are subject to prior sale.

Current Vehicle Disclaimer:

*Not all vehicles will qualify for maximum discount. Must finance with GM Financial. Not compatible with special finance, lease and some other offers. Stock number vary in discount. Prices do not include tax, title, license and Dealer Installed Options. See the team at Rick Hendrick Buick/GMC Duluth for details and availability.

*Not all vehicles will qualify for maximum discount. Must finance with GM Financial. Not compatible with special finance, lease and some other offers. Stock number vary in discount. Prices do not include tax, title, license and Dealer Installed Options. See the team at Rick Hendrick Buick/GMC Duluth for details and availability.

*According to GM for CY 2021 New Car Sales

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